We are the history bandits.          We ride beyond the borders of academia, hunting down history and defying the law that the past must be boring and aloof. Like the outlaws of the American west, we rob the banks of history and spend our wealth freely. We besiege the rigid rail lines of highbrow history, challenging conventional academic approaches and synthesizing scholarship in real world terms. From river to prairie, city street to mountaintop, we roam the historic landscape, pinpointing stories while riding the range of America’s past. Saddle up, follow our exploits, and wonder, “who are those guys?”

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One thought on “About

  1. Bravo. I, too, work hard at disproving the falsehood that history is boring. It is wonderful, amazing, fascinating, complex, and frequently responsible for things one never imagines. Hope lots of people enjoy this site. Cynthia

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